According to South Australia Police (SAPOL), Goolwa crime rate for the year ending December 2022 was 2968 incidents per 100,000 population. This represents a 2% increase from the previous year.

Goolwa Crime Index


(100 is safest)

Safer than 85% of most Australia cities

Goolwa Crime Map

Goolwa crime map

Is Goolwa Safe?

Goolwa has high safety metrics. Crime rates in Goolwa are noticeably lower than the average of Australian urban centers and localities. Goolwa is safer than 85% of all Australian communities and than 51% of South Australia cities and towns. However, Serious Assault not resulting in injury is a common offence in Goolwa.

Goolwa Crime Statistics at a Glance

Has Crime in Goolwa increased or decreased in the past 5 years? The chart below shows the 60-month historical trend of the number of offences that occurred in Goolwa.

60-month trend of criminal incidents across Goolwa
  • The number of criminal incidents recorded by South Australia Police in the year 2022 was 259, up 2% from 254 incidents recorded in the same period last year.
  • Goolwa is in the 51st percentile for safety, meaning 49% of South Australia urban areas are safer than Goolwa and 51% of urban areas are more dangerous than Goolwa.
  • Common crime: Serious Assault not resulting in injury.
  • Safest suburb in Goolwa city: Goolwa South suburb.
  • Top areas to avoid in Goolwa city (bad areas): Goolwa suburb.
  • The number of assault offences recorded in 2022 decreased by 7% (5 Incidents) compared to the previous year..
  • There were no homicide offences recorded during the years 2021 and 2022.
  • The number of burglary offences recorded in 2022 decreased by 20% (7 Incidents) compared to the previous year.
  • The number of theft offences recorded in 2022 increased by 9% (7 Incidents) compared to the previous year.
  • There was no change in the number of robbery offences recorded during the years 2021 and 2022.
  • The number of motor vehicle thefts recorded in 2022 increased by 33% (1 Incidents) compared to the previous year.
  • The number of vandalism offences (Property damage) recorded in 2022 decreased by 7% (4 Incidents) compared to the previous year.

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Crime in Goolwa: An In-Depth Analysis

AU Crime Rate’s analysis of recent crime data from the South Australia Police (SAPOL) reveals that Goolwa’s crime rate is noticeably lower than the average of Australian urban centers and localities, as it is ranked safer than only 85% of communities across the country, irrespective of population size.

Approximately 49% of South Australia cities and towns have a lower crime rate compared to Goolwa city. Therefore, Goolwa’s public safety metrics are high.

How risky is that? Living in Goolwa comes with a statistical risk of 1 in 33 of becoming a victim of crime, considering the total rate of crimes against the person and property. In contrast, the average chance of falling victim to crime in South Australia stands at 1 in 16.

To better understand Goolwa’s overall crime rate, it is essential to examine its performance in crimes against the person and property crimes separately. This approach can provide further insight into whether violent crimes, property crimes, or both, are the primary drivers of the general crime rate in Goolwa.

AU Crime Rate’s analysis of Goolwa crime statistics shows that there are 825 incidents against the person per 100,000 inhabitants in a standard year, compared to the South Australia average rate of 1218. As a result, the chances of becoming a victim of crimes such as homicide, acts intended to cause injury, robbery, and other offences against the person in Goolwa city are 1 in 120.

Our analysis indicates that if you reside in Goolwa, your chances of falling victim to property crimes, including theft, fraud, property damage, and serious criminal trespass, are 1 in 46, equivalent to a rate of 2143 per 100,000 residents. As a reference, the property crime rate for every 100,000 residents in South Australia is 4816.

Goolwa Crime Rates by Offences Division

DivisionNumber of CrimesCrime Rate (Per 100,000 Residents)
Offences against the person72825
Property and deception offences1872143

Note: The only crime data that SAPOL presents is Property and person crimes. So you shouldn’t compare the crime rates of suburbs or urban areas with any other areas in another state in Australia.

Goolwa Crimes Against the Person (Violent crimes)

These are violent crimes against people whether these are family violence or non-family violence. Basically, if someone does something to hurt or scare another person, it’s considered a crime against the person. This includes:

  1. “Acts Intended to Cause Injury” is a legal category that includes different types of crimes where someone intentionally tries to harm another person. There are subcategories within this, including:
    • Assault Police: When someone intentionally attacks a police officer while they’re doing their job.
    • Common Assault: This involves deliberately using force or threats to make someone fear they’ll be hurt. It doesn’t necessarily result in serious injuries.
    • Serious Assault Resulting in Injury: This is when someone intentionally harms another person, causing them significant injuries.
    • Serious Assault Not Resulting in Injury: Even if serious harm doesn’t happen, if someone tries to cause it intentionally, it can still be a crime.
  2. Homicide and Related offences: These are categories of crimes related to taking someone’s life:
    • Murder: This is the most serious type of crime where someone intentionally kills another person.
    • Other Homicide and Related offences: This category includes various other crimes connected to causing death. These might involve different levels of intent or circumstances, like manslaughter or offences related to causing death through negligence or recklessness.
  3. Robbery and related offences: These are the categories of crimes related to robbery:
    • Non-Aggravated Robbery: This is a type of theft where someone takes property from another person using force or threats, but it doesn’t involve additional serious factors.
    • Blackmail and Extortion: These offences involve forcing someone to give you money or property by using threats or information against them. Blackmail is when you threaten to reveal embarrassing or damaging information, while extortion includes broader threats of harm or force.
    • Aggravated Robbery: This is a more severe form of robbery. It happens when someone uses weapons or inflicts serious harm or injury during the robbery. These factors make the crime even more serious and result in harsher penalties.

My Chances of Becoming a Victim of a Crime Against the Person

1 in 120

In Goolwa

1 in 81

In South Australia

Crimes Against the Person Comparison (Per 100,000 Residents)

Violent crimes against the person in Goolwa vs South Australia

Crimes Against the Person: Goolwa vs South Australia

Goolwa population: 8725

South Australia population: 1777698

CrimesTotal Criminal IncidentsSA Total Criminal IncidentsCrime Rate (Per 100,000 Residents)SA Crime Rate (per 100,000 residents)
Acts intended to cause injury (Assault)67196517681105
Abduction, harassment and other offences44194624
Blackmail and extortion09305
Other offences against the person413344675

Here is a breakdown of the major Crimes against the person

CrimesNo, of offencesRate
Common Assault18206
Serious Assault resulting in injury669
Serious Assault not resulting in injury42481

Note:  The data on sexual assault and related crimes is only available for the entire state of South Australia and not broken down by specific suburbs or urban areas. We have provided state-level statistics for your reference.

CrimesSA offences countSA rate (per 100,000 residents)
Aggravated sexual assault129473
Non-aggravated sexual assault43524
Non-assaultive sexual offences39422
Total Sexual assault and related offences2123119

Goolwa Offences Against Property

These are crimes related to stealing or damaging property or deceiving someone for personal gain. Property crimes include:

  1. Property damage and environmental offences: These are categories of crimes related to damaging property and environmental violations:
    • Other Property Damage and Environmental: This is a broad category covering various offences related to damaging property or breaking environmental rules. It includes different types of related crimes not mentioned elsewhere.
    • Graffiti: Graffiti involves illegally drawing or writing on buildings or walls without permission, which damages property and is against the law.
    • Property Damage by Fire or Explosion (Arson): Arson is when someone intentionally sets fire to property, causing damage or destruction. This category focuses on property damage caused specifically by fire or explosions, often with criminal intent.
  2. Serious criminal trespass: These categories are related to serious criminal trespass, commonly referred to as burglary, and other unlawful entries with different intents:
    • Other Unlawful Entry with Intent: This covers various unauthorized entries into different places where the purpose may not fit into the categories below.
    • Unlawful Entry – Non-Residence: This is when someone breaks into a non-residential place, like a store or office, with the intention to commit a crime, like theft or vandalism. It’s not about homes.
    • Unlawful Entry – Residence: This is about unlawfully entering someone’s home with criminal intent, like to steal or harm. It’s specifically about intrusions into houses.
  3. Theft: It can be committed in various forms such as shoplifting, stealing from a person’s home, or taking a vehicle without permission. Other examples include stealing a bicycle, snatching a purse, or taking items from an unattended bag.
  4.  Fraud, Deception, and Related offences: These are categories of crimes related to fraud and deception in South Australia:
    • Other Fraud, Deception, and Related offences: This covers various types of fraudulent and deceptive activities that don’t fit into specific subcategories. It’s a broad category.
    • Obtain Benefit by Deception: This offence involves deceiving someone to gain an advantage or benefit that you aren’t entitled to. It means obtaining something unfairly through trickery or dishonesty.

My Chances of Becoming a Victim of Offences Against Property

1 in 46

In Goolwa

1 in 20

In South Australia

Offences Against Property Comparison (Per 100,000 Residents)

Property offences in Goolwa city vs SA

Against Property offences: Goolwa vs South Australia

Goolwa population: 8725

South Australia population: 1777698

CrimesTotal Criminal IncidentsSA Total Criminal IncidentsCrime Rate (per 100,000 residents)SA Crime Rate (per 100,000 residents)
Theft and related offences84857849631640
Serious criminal trespass (burglary)2812477321702
Fraud, deception and related offences244391275247
Property damage and environmental51209975851181

Here is a breakdown of Goolwa crime rate and offences count for the major property and deception offences.

CrimesNo, of offencesRate
Theft/Illegal use of motor vehicle446
Theft from motor vehicle10115
Theft from shop15172
Property damage by fire or explosion (Arson)111
Unlawful entry - Residence15172
Unlawful entry - Non Residence12138

Goolwa Crimes per Square KM

Crimes per square KM in Goolwa vs SA in Australia

How many murders in Goolwa city in 2022?

According to South Australia Police (SAPOL), there were 0 murders in Goolwa in 2022. The number of homicides (which includes murders and other related offences) was 0.

What’s the most common crime in Goolwa city?

According to the latest available data from South Australia Police (SAPOL), the most common type of crime in Goolwa is Serious Assault not resulting in injury.

What is the crime rate in Goolwa city?

The overall crime rate in Goolwa city, as measured by the number of reported offences per 100,000 population was 2968 in the year ending December 2022.

However, it’s important to note that this is an aggregate figure that includes all types of crime, and some types of offences are more prevalent than others. Additionally, crime rates can vary by location, with some areas experiencing higher rates of certain types of crime than others.

Is Goolwa city a safe place to live in?

Goolwa city is safer than 85% of cities and towns across Australia and the crime rates are noticeably lower than the average of Australian urban centers and localities. Compared to South Australia cities and towns, Goolwa city is safer than 51% of other communities in the state which are considered high safety scores in South Australia.

What suburb has the highest crime rate in Goolwa city?

Goolwa is the suburb with the highest rate of reported criminal incidents in Goolwa city with a rate of 5406 incidents per 100,000 population, according to BOCSAR 2022 data. Goolwa is safer than only 27% of Goolwa city suburbs.

What is the safest suburb in Goolwa city?

Goolwa South is the safest suburb in Goolwa city with a rate of 1357 incidents per 100,000 population as per the BOCSAR report. Goolwa South is safer than 73% of Goolwa city suburbs.

However, it’s important to note that low crime rates do not necessarily guarantee safety, and that crime can occur anywhere. Hence, it’s essential always to stay vigilant and take appropriate safety measures.

Goolwa Crime Rate by Suburb

Goolwa suburbsTotal crimes in 2021Total crime rate in 2021Total crimes in 2022Total crime rate in 2022
Angle Vale31076622927217Angle Vale
Gawler East12221411442528Gawler (SA)
Evanston Park14233481232900Gawler (SA)
Willaston14541821664788Gawler (SA)
Hewett732474431457Gawler (SA)
Gawler South19072521395305Gawler (SA)
Evanston241937427510696Gawler (SA)
Evanston Gardens8736911144837Gawler (SA)
Gawler Belt121210222218Gawler (SA)
Gawler West616199747520Gawler (SA)
Evanston South354575324183Gawler (SA)
Gawler3214871030145675Gawler (SA)
Reid8186092093Gawler (SA)
Kalbeeba614742491Gawler (SA)
Buchfelde52604105208Gawler (SA)
Goolwa Beach512282401790Goolwa
Hindmarsh Island221199472561Goolwa
Goolwa North151148211607Goolwa
Goolwa South464457141357Goolwa
New Town36278412928Kadina
Wallaroo Mines143465122970Kadina
Matta Flat5595255952Kadina
Brownlow Ki3126131261Kingscote
Kingston Se191404171256Kingston SE
Rosetown7416763571Kingston SE
Pinks Beach1120500Kingston SE
Port Mannum4170972991Mannum
Moonta Bay471776582191Moonta
Port Hughes172603172603Moonta
North Moonta6977193094Moonta
Cross Roads164131923Moonta
Mount Barker55730465242866Mount Barker (SA)
Littlehampton541630421268Mount Barker (SA)
Blakiston410502525Mount Barker (SA)
Totness23244682627660Mount Barker (SA)
Mount Gambier1494582815155910Mount Gambier
Worrolong14107412921Mount Gambier
Suttontown101449182609Mount Gambier
Murray Bridge1322879712918591Murray Bridge
Murray Bridge East393239362990Murray Bridge
Riverglades121397111281Murray Bridge
Northern Heights72303165263Murray Bridge
Mobilong00228571Murray Bridge
Port Augusta144722518186729054Port Augusta
Port Augusta West5661390784320713Port Augusta
Stirling North672405983518Port Augusta
Davenport553594810266667Port Augusta
Port Lincoln1225847212668755Port Lincoln
Port Pirie South21355071864809Port Pirie
Risdon Park19450212496444Port Pirie
Port Pirie West17266801827068Port Pirie
Risdon Park South693083703128Port Pirie
Solomontown94856112911749Port Pirie
Port Pirie1518988116497619Port Pirie
Encounter Bay5094347886Victor Harbor
Victor Harbor19844042154782Victor Harbor
Port Elliot401789522326Victor Harbor
Hayborough673013693103Victor Harbor
Mccracken351684361732Victor Harbor
Chiton123051152Victor Harbor
North Beach15223291339Wallaroo
Whyalla Stuart9491462993114352Whyalla
Whyalla Norrie7231148587513900Whyalla
Whyalla Playford16163541485841Whyalla
Whyalla Jenkins422133623149Whyalla

Note: This article doesn’t have detailed data for family violence, victims, female offenders, reoffending, sexual offences, stalking, and youth crime. For more information about these topics, check our resources page.


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  • South Australia Government Data Directory

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