According to ACT Policing, Flynn crime rate for the year ending December 2021 was 3751 incidents per 100,000 population. This represents a 5% decrease from the previous year.

Flynn Crime Index


(100 is safest)

Safer than 80% of most Australia suburbs

Flynn Crime Map

Flynn crime map

Is Flynn Safe?

Flynn has very high safety metrics. Crime rates in Flynn are below average to the majority of suburbs in Australia. Flynn is safer than 80% of all Australian suburbs and than 79% of Australian Capital Territory (ACT) suburbs. However, property damage is a common offence in Flynn.

Flynn Crime Statistics at a Glance

Has crime in Flynn increased or decreased in the past 5 years? The chart below shows the 60-month historical trend of the number of offences that occurred in Flynn.

60-month trend of criminal incidents across Flynn
  • District: Belconnen.
  • The number of criminal incidents recorded by ACT Policing in the year 2021 was 138, down 5% from 145 incidents recorded in the same period last year.
  • Flynn is in the 79th percentile for safety, meaning 21% of ACT suburbs are safer than Flynn and 79% of suburbs are more dangerous than Flynn.
  • Common crime: property damage.
  • The number of assault offences recorded in 2021 increased by 138% (11 Incidents) compared to the previous year..
  • The number of sexual offences recorded in 2021 decreased by 50% (2 Incidents) compared to the previous year.
  • There were no homicide offences recorded during the years 2020 and 2021.
  • The number of burglary offences recorded in 2021 decreased by 17% (1 Incidents) compared to the previous year.
  • The number of theft offences recorded in 2021 decreased by 22% (5 Incidents) compared to the previous year.
  • There were no robbery offences recorded during the years 2020 and 2021.
  • There was no change in the number of motor vehicle theft offences recorded during the years 2020 and 2021.
  • The number of property damage offences recorded in 2021 increased by 200% (14 Incidents) compared to the previous year.

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Crime in Flynn: An In-Depth Analysis

According to AU Crime Rate’s analysis of the latest crime statistics from the ACT Policing, Flynn is ranked safer than 80% of the suburbs across Australia, regardless of population size. That means that Flynn crime rate is below average to the majority of suburbs in Australia.

In ACT, only about 21% of suburbs have a lower crime rate than Flynn. As a result, Flynn has very high scores in public safety metrics.

If you are a resident of Flynn, your chance of becoming a victim of crime is 1 in 48 (based on the total crime rate of crimes against the person and property combined) while ACT average’s is 1 in 23.

Let’s take a closer look at Flynn’s crime statistics and see how it fares in terms of crimes against person and property crimes. This information is crucial because it can shed light on whether violent or property crimes or both, are the primary factors driving Flynn’s overall crime rate. So, are you curious to learn more about Flynn’s crime data and what they reveal about the suburb’s safety and security? Let’s dive in!

AU Crime Rate’s analysis reveals that the against-the-person crime rate in Flynn is 707 per one hundred thousand inhabitants while the ACT average rate is 841. So, one’s chances of becoming a victim of crimes against the person (violent crime) in Flynn is 1 in 141. The crimes against the person included in this analysis are homicide, assault, sexual offences, robbery, and other offences against the person.

From our analysis, we discovered that your odds of becoming a victim of a property crime, if you live in Flynn, is 1 in 74. This is equal to a rate of 1332 per one hundred thousand residents compared to a rate of 3338 per 100,000 residents for ACT state. It’s worth mentioning that the property crimes tracked here include theft, motor vehicle theft, burglary, and property damage.

Flynn Crime Rates by Offences Division

DivisionNumber of CrimesCrime Rate (Per 100,000 Residents)
Offences against the person26707
Offences against Property491332
Other Offences631712

Flynn Crimes Against the Person

These are violent crimes against people whether these are family violence or non-family violence. Basically, if someone does something to hurt or scare another person, it’s considered a crime against the person. This includes:

  • Assault: According to ACT Policing, assault is an action aimed at inflicting non-lethal harm or injury to another individual, without any sexual or materialistic motives, and excluding attempts at murder or acts leading to death.
  • Robbery: Robbery involves illegally seizing someone’s property with the intention to permanently keep it, taken directly from the person’s possession, control, or custody, often involving or threatening immediate physical force or violence.
  • Homicide refers to the illegal act of killing or attempting to kill another person or conspiring to do so. This encompasses murder, attempted murder, and manslaughter resulting in death.
  • Sexual assault is defined as any physical contact or attempted contact of a sexual nature towards another individual without their consent, or where consent is obtained through intimidation or deception. It also applies when consent is legally invalid due to factors like the individual’s age, mental incapacity (temporary or permanent), or a familial relationship.
  • Other offences against the person” encompass acts aimed at threatening or harassing an individual, or unlawfully restricting their freedom of movement against their will or the will of their legal guardian or caretaker. This category includes crimes such as abduction and kidnapping, false imprisonment or deprivation of liberty, and various forms of harassment and threatening behaviour.

My Chances of Becoming a Victim of a Crime Against the Person

1 in 141

In Flynn

1 in 118


Crimes Against the Person Comparison (Per 100,000 Residents)

Violent crimes against the person in Flynn vs ACT in Australia

Crimes Against the Person: Flynn vs ACT

Flynn population: 3679

ACT population: 453764

CrimesTotal Criminal IncidentsACT Total Criminal IncidentsCrime Rate (Per 100,000 Residents)ACT Crime Rate (per 100,000 residents)
Sexual offences253754118
Other offences against the person527013660

Flynn Against Property offences

These are crimes related to stealing or damaging property or deceiving someone for personal gain. Property crimes include:

  • Theft (excluding Motor Vehicles): Theft, excluding the stealing of motor vehicles, is the illegal act of taking or acquiring money, goods, services, or non-motorized vehicles without employing force, threat of force, violence, coercion, or deception. The intent behind this act is to permanently deprive the owner or possessor of the use of their money, goods, or services.
  • Burglary (unlawful entry): Burglary is defined as the illegal entry into a structure, whether by force or not, with the intention to commit a crime. A structure in this context is any building enclosed by walls and capable of being secured, such as a house, flat, caravan, office, bank, shop, factory, school, or church.
  • Stolen motor vehicles: The theft of motor vehicles involves illegally taking another person’s motor vehicle without authorization, intending to deprive the owner or possessor of its use, either temporarily or permanently. This category covers both the illegal use of a motor vehicle and the theft of a motor vehicle.
  • Property damage: This refers to intentional or accidental harm caused to someone else’s property, such as vandalism, fire or explosion, and graffiti.

My Chances of Becoming a Victim of Against Property offences

1 in 74

In Flynn

1 in 29


Crimes Against Property Comparison (Per 100,000 Residents)

Property offences in Flynn vs ACT

Against Property offences: Flynn vs ACT

Flynn population: 3679

ACT population: 453764

CrimesTotal Criminal IncidentsACT Total Criminal IncidentsCrime Rate (Per 100,000 Residents)ACT Crime Rate (per 100,000 residents)
Theft (excluding Motor Vehicles)0791901745
Motor vehicle theft191425516314
Burglary/Break and enter2198654438
Property damage038170841

Other Offences

Other offences” encompass a wide range of criminal acts not covered under specific categories. This includes but is not limited to, offences related to deception, environmental crimes, weapons violations, drug offences, public order breaches, and driving-related offences.

Other Offences: Flynn vs ACT

CrimesTotal Criminal IncidentsACT Total Criminal IncidentsCrime Rate (Per 100,000 Residents)ACT Crime Rate (per 100,000 residents)
MISC. offences451022312232253
Traffic offences1862804891384

Flynn Crimes per Square KM

Crimes per square km in Flynn vs ACT

How many murders in Flynn in 2021?

According to ACT Policing, there were 0 homicides in Flynn in 2021. It’s important to note that this figure includes all homicides, not just murders.

What’s the most common crime in Flynn?

According to the latest available data from ACT Policing, the most common type of crime in Flynn is property damage.

What is the crime rate in Flynn?

The overall crime rate in Flynn, as measured by the number of reported offences per 100,000 population was 3751 in the year ending December 2021.

However, it’s important to note that this is an aggregate figure that includes all types of crime, and some types of offences are more prevalent than others. Additionally, crime rates can vary by location, with some areas experiencing higher rates of certain types of crime than others.

Is Flynn a safe place to live in?

Flynn is safer than 80% of suburbs across Australia and the crime rates are below average to the majority of suburbs in Australia. Compared to ACT suburbs, Flynn is safer than 79% of other suburbs in the state which are considered very high safety scores in ACT.

Total Crime Stats of Flynn

SubdivisionOffence typeYear (2020)Year (2021)
AssaultAssault - FV315
AssaultAssault - Non-FV54
Sexual offencesSexual offences42
RobberyRobbery - armed00
RobberyRobbery - other00
Other offences against the personOther offences against the person15
Theft (excluding Motor Vehicles)Theft (excluding Motor Vehicles)2318
Motor vehicle theftMotor vehicle theft55
BurglaryBurglary dwellings65
BurglaryBurglary shops00
BurglaryBurglary other00
Property damageProperty damage721
MISC. offencesMISC. offences5245
Traffic offencesTraffic Speeding41
Traffic offencesTraffic Mobile Use00
Traffic offencesTraffic Seatbelts00
Traffic offencesTraffic Other3517

Note: This article doesn’t have detailed data for family violence, victims, female offenders, reoffending, stalking, and youth crime. For more information about these topics, check our resources page. check our resources page.


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